Professional Opportunities

Online Sibshop Facilitator Training

The two-day, in-person Sibshop Facilitator Training has been translated into a four-session online learning event. The online training takes place daily for 90 minutes, over four consecutive days. Opportunities to experience an adult sibling panel and a demonstration Sibshop remain the highlights of the training.

Sibshop Facilitator Training Dates and Registration

Join Child Life Disaster Relief

Child Life Disaster Relief is a national 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to mitigating the negative psychosocial effects of trauma on children and families. Our network of Certified Child Life Specialists empower and support children and families by implementing trauma-informed interventions through direct services, community outreach, and education. Our local chapters collaborate with disaster relief organizations and first responders in their communities to support a coordinated and comprehensive response to children’s emotional and developmental needs. Learn more