Pre-Internship & Internship Scholarships

GLACLP is aware of the financial stressors students experience, and therefore during each semester, GLACLP will be offering 2 internship scholarships at $700 each, and 1 pre-internship scholarship at $200! Additionally, all applicants who do not receive the internship or pre-internship scholarships will be thrown into a raffle for a $50 materials scholarship to help provide financial support for buying materials, such as textbooks, uniform, etc. 

What is a “Pre-Internship Experience?” A “Pre-Internship Experience” can be defined as a student opportunity within healthcare or other community-based settings in which psychosocial support is provided to children and families in stressful situations (per ACLP). Pre-Internship Experiences include but do not limit to: child life practicums, experiences at nonprofits, medical camps, children’s shelters, etc. If you are unsure if your pre-internship experience meets these guidelines, please email us! 

Winter/Spring 2024 Pre-Internship & Internship Scholarships open Friday, October 13, 2023! Check back here for more details! 

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