Participants Needed for Interviews – Procedural Prep & Medical Play

Taylor Boucher and Bethany Sweet are conducting interviews with CCLS to establish a baseline in terms of procedural preparation and medical play with pediatric patient populations. They are looking for CCLS to conduct 10-15 minute-long interviews with, where they will ask about the CCLS day-to-day, the populations they typically serve, medical play preferences, etc. If you are interested supporting their work and being interviewed, please contact Taylor or Bethany:

Taylor Boucher,, MBA Student 

Bethany Sweet,, CCLS

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Online Child Life Certification Preparation Course Available

This is a 6-week online course taught by two Certified Child Life Specialists that prepares participants to take the child life certification exam. Participants review content in the three areas of AssessmentIntervention, and Professional Responsibility, while creating study tools, developing test-taking strategies, as well as learning effective anxiety-reducing techniques.

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