PDU certificates will be sent out sometime during the first full week of each month for any surveys completed by the last day of the month prior. Previously recorded webinars are available for viewing during the calendar year in which they were presented live.

All GLACLP webinars are for members only. Members, please look within your email or the GLACLP newsletter for the zoom link and password to participate. If you are not a member or have not renewed your membership, please do today: http://glaclp.com/membership-information/

2022 Webinars

New webinars will be posted as soon as they become available.

In order to serve you better, we are now providing PDUs immediately after completing the post-webinar survey. After you complete the post-webinar survey a confirmation page will appear with a link to the downloadable PDU. Please make sure to save this PDU for your records.

Previously Recorded Webinars – Members Only

New this year we are offering the option of purchasing the 2020 and/or 2021 webinar series. We recognize that sometimes not all members need the PDU offered during the year it’s presented. Therefore, we thought it would be nice to have the option to purchase the webinar series after the initial year. Each year can be purchased for $22 total. You will have to complete the process separately for each year due to each year having a different password given for access.

2020 Webinar Series Package

Purchase the 2020 Webinar Series Package

Access the 2020 Webinar Series Page (Password Protected)

  1. “The Need for Adolescent Sexual Health Education in Child Life Practice” Presented by: Lauren McCann, LMSW, CCLS              
    Domain: Professional Responsibility; PDU: 1.0
  2. “Resiliency in Practice” Presented by: Eileen Clark, CCLS, MSM              
    Domain: Intervention; PDU: 1.0
  3. “Trust-Based Relational Intervention Ⓡ Introduction & Overview” Presented by: Dottie Barnhardt, MS, CCLS and Morgan Wood, B.M., MT-BC                    
    Domain: Intervention; PDU: 1.0
  4. “Empathy and Ethics: Balancing the Boundaries in Pediatric Care” Presented by: Kirsten Black, MS, CCLS, CPMT
    Domain: Ethics; PDU: 1.5
  5. “Clinical Techniques in Guided Imagery: Enhancing Your Practice to Enhance Patient Outcomes” Presented by: Dana Kim, MA, MT-BC, NICU MT, CIMI
    Domain: Assessment; PDU: 1.0

2021 Webinar Series Package

Purchase the 2021 Webinar Series Package

Access the 2021 Webinar Series Page (Password Protected)

  1. “Exploring the History of Healthcare Disparities and Inequities Among African Americans in the US” Presented by: Sara Burton
    Domain: Assessment; PDU: 1.0
  2. “Child Life Programming in the Epicenter of a Pandemic: Bringing innovation and technology to the frontline in New York City” Presented by: Ali Spikestein, Marianne Porzelt, Luis Borges
    Domain: Intervention; PDU: 1.0
  3. “Child Life and Physical Therapy Collaboration: a Novel Treatment Model to Enable Participation of Children and Families” Presented by: Allie Martin, Heather Miller, Samara Per
    Domain: Assessment; PDU: 1.0
  4. “Full Hearts, Empty Arms: Child Life Bereavement Support for Families Coping with Perinatal Death” Presented by: Becca Martin
    Domain: Intervention; PDU: 1.0