Mentor-Mentee Program

About the Program: The goal of the Great Lakes Association of Child Life Professionals (GLACLP) Mentor-Mentee Program is to match a Certified Child Life Specialist with a child life student in order to develop a professional relationship. This program will allow opportunities for the mentor to share their knowledge and expertise about child life with the mentee.

Commitment: GLACLP Mentor-Mentee Program requires a 6-month commitment from both mentors and mentees. All applicants must maintain GLACLP membership. Prompts will be sent out monthly, and participants are required to communicate at least once a month.

Duration: February 2022 through July 2022

2022 Mentor Application

2022 Mentee Application

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact CCLS Member at Large Jessica Altenberger ( or Student Member at Large Rachel Traxler ( or the GLACLP (

Frequently Asked Questions