Internship Scholarship

The 2022 Winter/Spring GLACLP Internship Scholarship Application is now available. Scholarships are awarded each semester (fall, winter/spring, and summer) to one child life intern.

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Internship Scholarship Application

Internship Scholarship Reference Form

Completed applications should include: a one-page maximum essay, resume, reference form, and scholarship verification form.

Applications must be emailed with the subject “Internship Scholarship Application 2022 Winter/Spring” by November 12th by 11:59pm EST. Scholarship recipients will be notified by November 22nd. 

Conditions of Scholarship:

  • Scholarships are awarded currently to one child life intern (per each semester).
  • Applicants must be a current GLACLP member (at the time of applying).
  • Scholarship recipient will be awarded a check from the GLACLP for $500.
  • Education Coordinator/Internship Coordinator/Program Manager/Program Director must sign document that intern has accepted internship and will be completing internship at that institution.